• Welcome From The Director

    Dear Parents and Students,

    We thank you for considering Banjul American Embassy School. The faculty, students, BAES community and I wish to warmly welcome you to our school.

    This is a new step for your family, undertaken with much anticipation for inclusion and success in our international community. At BAES we are prepared to assist you in every way. The challenges and opportunities of a small, caring, exciting and rigorous education program await you. Faculty, parents and students come together for active engaged learning, emphasizing not only high academic standards and, in equal measure, firm community values and expectations.

    The BAES faculty strives to insure the healthy adjustment of each student who enters our doors. We are committed to providing every student with direction and inspiration as we guide them towards the highest possible achievement. At BAES we are committed to our Mission to provide a quality accredited American style education for students. We aim to inspire students to become enthusiastic life long learners who value integrity, cultural diversity and global responsibility. We will work to give our very best in all our endeavors, and we invite you to become close partners in this important task.

    Once again I personally extend a very warm welcome to BAES - a great place to grow and learn!

    Sharon A. Sperry

              Getting from Point A to Point B
Measures of Academic Success (MAP) May 13 - 24th

BAES students in Grades K-9 complete the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests from May 13th.-24th. The MAP test is administered twice annually - in the fall and spring. Its’ primary purpose is to determine a student’s “instructional level” in the areas tested (Reading, Language Usage, Math, and Science) in order to inform instruction. Specifically, scores can be used to understand a child’s areas of academic strength and areas requiring attention for further academic improvement and growth. MAP tests are taken on computers and are unique in that they adapt to the child’s level of learning.. MAP is important because it keeps track of your child’s individual learning progress and growth and, by using the MAP scores and with the assistance of teachers, your child can set appropriate learning goals from test to test. Both parents and teachers can gain an understanding of each child’s academic strengths as well as areas that require additional attention for growth. Your child’s testing report is designed to provide you with an overall picture of your child’s performance in the areas assessed. As your child continues through BAES, the MAP reports will show learning growth over time. This is a motivating and informative way to monitor academic progress!


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