• Welcome From The Director

    Welcome to the Banjul American Embassy School! Since January of 1984, when a small group of American parents formed the Banjul American Embassy School (BAES) because of a desire to establish a school for their children with an American based curriculum, BAES has grown to a 60+ student body school consisting of students’ representative of 16 nationalities.

    For almost three decades we have had the privilege of supporting children toward purposeful young adulthood. Our rigorous academic program, values-centered curriculum, and caring faculty aim to prepare our students for successful and responsible future endeavors. BAES serves students from the three year old program through high school using an English based curriculum that emphasizes inquiry based learning, a variety of co-curricular activities, a strong emphasis on the development of the whole child and a commitment to educational best practices.

    Our curriculum, while based on the North American system, is constantly appraised to stay truly global. We constantly strive to offer the best of education to our international community of learners, most of whose members are already multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic.

    BAES is about learning and learning is about acquiring not only knowledge but also skills to be able to function in an ever-increasingly complex world. As educators, we will not stop at teaching our students the parts of a flower, but also teach them how to appreciate its beauty. We will not limit ourselves to teaching our English students how to recognize a certain literary device in a poem; we will also show them how to be affected by it. Our students will learn how to program a computer, as well as how to judge the validity of an opinion. BAES seeks to become the best of community of learners, to bring together people of all backgrounds and invite them on a journey that leads them from self to selflessness and from individuality to inter-dependence.

    As educators, our goal at BAES is simple: quality education for the students we work for. We are confident that the fruit of our efforts will be thoughtful and well-informed citizens that have the confidence to question facts, the reasoning power to understand them as well as to judge them, and the wisdom to make a value judgment. Please take some time to visit the different sections of the site to learn more about our exciting program.

    Dr. Raymond Lemoine

School office closed June 25th to August 12th - Inquiries in regards to registration during the summer months can be sent to