About Us

    The Banjul American Embassy School (BAES) was founded in 1984 in the Republic of The Gambia, a West African country 180 miles long and 21 miles wide stretching along both sides of the River Gambia, which runs its length to the Atlantic coast.

    The country lies at the southern edge of the Sahel and is made up of mostly savanna and open woodland vegetation. The climate is sub‐tropical, with a distinct rainy and dry season, and the river is an eco‐tourism attraction because of its biodiversity.

    BAES is located in a quiet, shaded, residential area of Bakau, a coastal resort area suburban to the older capital city, Banjul. The school is within walking distance from the Atlantic and from music, arts and crafts centers; ancient burial grounds; sacred pools; and a nature reserve.

    BAES is an independent school offering an educational program from preschool through grade 9 for English-speaking students of all nationalities. ESL needs are reviewed each year.
    A friendly, cooperative, safe environment is provided for children to learn and play. The school year extends from late August to mid-June with approximately 180 days of instruction. Official Gambian holidays are recognized. Long breaks are scheduled in October, December holidays, and for Easter.

    The school provides an American-based curriculum. All instruction is in English. In addition to the core subjects of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, the curriculum integrates instruction in art, computer, French, music, and physical education. The school is fully accredited by the Commission of Elementary and Secondary Schools Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. This signifies the school has met the Standards that reflect current research and best practices.

    Class sizes vary from five to fifteen students and class configurations depend on the yearʹs enrollments. Multi‐grade classes put children into natural learning environments and helps teachers to individualize the instruction for every child.

    The campus consists of 4 buildings, playgrounds, and soccer areas. The main building consists of the administrative offices, a computerized library, a fully networked computer lab, middle school classrooms, a middle school staff office, and faculty kitchen. Other buildings house a science lab, an Early Childhood Center, and elementary classrooms.

    The school maintains a strategic plan and follows a regular curriculum cycle when reviewing textbooks, ordering materials, and implementing new programs.

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