Mission Statement

    The Banjul American Embassy School is an international community providing a high quality, accredited American-Style education for students. In partnership with our community, we empower students to become enthusiastic, creative, lifelong learners who value integrity, cultural diversity and global responsibility.

    Belief Statements

    We believe every child
      -is a valued,  unique individual.
      -is entitled to a safe and supportive learning environment.
      -deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.
    We believe
      - every student should be equipped to be an active participant in an ever- changing global environment.
      - every  student must have the opportunity to develop critical reasoning skills.
      - community involvement is vital to a child’s success.
      - community values must be respected and promoted.


    Empowering students to embrace peace and diversity
    work with dignity
    and shape tomorrow’s world.



    Profile of Graduates

    Graduates of the Banjul American Embassy School will be expected to exhibit the following attributes:


     A self-directed individual who demonstrates an analytical mind, intellectual curiosity, and a mastery of technology which will enable him/her to meet the academic challenges of high school and beyond.


    A global-minded individual who has acquired the intellectual, emotional, and social skills needed to become an informed, caring citizen and who actively contributes toward a democratic society with an abiding respect for the earth and its resources.


    A well-rounded individual who is an effective communicator, demonstrates individual integrity, and exhibits compassion and respect for differences among people.

    Revised and Updated August 18, 2014