Admission Guidelines

    BAES is open to students regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or religion.  Students must be proficient enough in English to be able to function in the classroom environment.  English as a Second Language or English as a Foreign Language needs will be reviewed yearly. Students with special needs that exceed the resources and expertise of the school will not be admitted.  Each student admitted to the Banjul American Embassy School must have a parent or guardian (as designated in writing by parents) residing in The Gambia and taking full responsibility for the student’s welfare.

    Prior to enrolling in the school the parent must provide copies of previous school records, a copy of the passport identity page, and any previous testing information, whether academic or social/emotional. The testing information is important to assist the school in working with the student. A placement test may be administered upon review of the student documentation.

    The application fee must be paid prior to a student entering the classroom. The School reserves the right to refuse admission to any student who was dismissed from another school for academic, disciplinary, or other reasons; including withholding information.

    Where there is any question regarding a student’s eligibility, the final decision rests with the Director in consultation with the Board and relevant faculty.