Testimonials About BAES

    In this section, you will find testimonials from past students of BAES fondly remembering their days spent at this special and unique school:


    When I think about the "good old times" in BAES, I remember a colorful and lively, but at the same time well-sheltered environment. I was a BAES student from 1997 to 2001, from Pre-K to grade 3. Then I had to move to Germany, and thanks to the new school there I learned to appreciate my time in BAES even more.

    The BAES community has always been very close, almost like a family. I am thankful to my parents that they gave me the opportunity to spend my childhood in this environment, since I believe that it influenced my way of thinking, my values and my attitude a lot. And this or something similar is what I heard from most of the other former BAES students, after re-connecting with them through “facebook”. After I graduated from high school last year, I came back to The Gambia, and started to work voluntarily at BAES. It feels good to be back, especially because some of the teachers I know still work here!


    I look back at my time at BAES with great joy I made some very close friends which I still keep in touch with now. Best thing about BAES in my opinion was how diverse it was in terms of people and studies. I remember all the plays and activities I took part in and I really missed how BAES was not just a school but more of a family or community. When you're a child you don't realise what you have. Now I'm 20 I can look back and say that I took a lot from BAES socially and academically. I went on to get 5 As at GCSEs. I am now studying Biomedical Sciences in Bristol. I can really say that BAES laid out a very positive foundation for me.

    'Papu' Michele Daryanani

    BAES, while a small school during my last years there (~50 students) has the fondest memories of any school I've been to. When I left BAES, I found that Mrs. Amal's math class had prepared me to skip 2 years of math/geometry. I went almost straight into IB Higher Level Math.

    After BAES I completed the International Baccalaureate at the same time as the American High School diploma. Following that, I attended Imperial College, graduating with honors; the University of Oxford, graduating with honors; and am about to start a management course Harvard.

    Career wise, I worked for Apple (which needs little introduction), and Symantec (the largest global security firm) as a consultant. Now, I work for Company85 - a small consulting firm in London which we set up about 18 months ago. Our clients include several UK government departments, financial-services, and multinational IT integrators.

    That sounds a bit like bragging... but hey, BAES is something to brag about, and you do need something for marketing, right?

    Urvi Shah

    I spent my formative years at BAES from pre-k to 5th grade, in 1997 my family moved to England so my brother and I could further our education.

    I have many happy memories of BAES and many friends I made during my time there I continue to keep in touch with. BAES definitely helped build my confidence and self esteem and when I fell behind or needed additional help that was always provided. I particularly remember a time whilst in 2nd grade; I was struggling with spelling and grammar and was offered additional tuition both during class and after school. At a time when fitting in, is all that matters I remember that I was not made to feel different from my classmates or left out in any way.

    Moving to a larger international school was incredibly daunting. Everything was different from what I had known at BAES. To me, BAES felt like family. At my new school I excelled in many subjects but I also struggled in some. However my time at BAES had instilled a thirst for knowledge and determination to succeed.

    I completed middle school and high school in England and went on to university in London where I gained a BA in marketing and advertising. I now work for an executive search consultancy in London. Having lived and been educated in The Gambia has given me such a unique international perspective that is of constant use to me both personally and professionally and it is a time in my life that holds incredibly fond memories.

    Amira A. Alfa

    I attended BAES from Pre-K to Grade 8, and those years of learning, growth and friendship are what has resonated throughout my education, life and career. From teachers like Mrs. Salleh-Matta and Mrs. Langfield to whom I owe my love for science, Mrs. Sanyang, who taught me 2nd grade and also the love of Art , Madame Joof, who I owe my fluency in French, and Mrs. Amal, who taught us math and computer skills beyond our years. Because of these amazing teachers and personalized environment, when I transferred to another high school, I was placed in a class above my current level.
    Attending the University of Maryland, my first 2 years were a breeze, all thanks to my SOLID foundation that was built at BAES. I graduated with a degree in Neurobiology/Physiology and Biotechnology.

    I have nothing but amazing and warm memories of the small but special school, which formed many friendships and bonds, and made me who I am today. I am currently a Territory Manager for a Biomedical company, responsible for 11 states, and the youngest person on my team of 5 who manage the entire US. I thank BAES for teaching me to use my ambition and motivation, and to develop my leadership skills, creativity and drive that I know I wouldn’t have been able to grow somewhere else.

    David White

    I personally think that BAES has a very good atmosphere and environment and the people and teachers are very helpful and helped me out a lot to achieve success in my studies. I am now in the United states at Vincennes university where I have an Associate’s degree in Sports management and a national championship in tennis to my name and it really affected me it gave me confidence in BAES that I could achieve success beyond that school with the way the people taught me there also it gave me a lot of positives. I met a lot of friends that are going to be my friends for life and it showed me a better road in life and made me realise a lot of things that school is important and the need to get a degree is a must.

    Anisa Sojka

    BAES was a wonderful experience filled with hard work but a lot of fun as well. Many subjects in middle school prepared me for what I'm studying now, which is international business. Computer class for instance; many accounting courses I take now deal with many of the programs we were taught in middle school, which has given me an advantage. There were also many team-building activities that I took part in at BAES that encouraged me to stay involved with group activities. I was involved with student organizations in middle school and it was of great interest to me; I am still involved with student organizations today. Overall, I very much enjoyed my time at BAES, it is a memory I will never forget.

    Afaf Hashim

    American School was definitely a great experience for me…It was the beginning of my mold especially that I joined the school at the beginning of my teenage years. I enjoyed the both the theory and practical approach of the school. You would find that in other schools they stress on the theory but never enough on the practical side of things. I have many good memories starting with the good friends I made that are from all over the world to English classes, which were my favorite! Dissecting a frog in the science lab is also a very exciting memory for me! I liked how my teachers always saw potential in me even with the subjects I was weak in. Mrs. Amal specifically made sure I understood the math lesson before leaving the class knowing that math was my weakest subject and other teachers were also always available to answer my questions!

    I now work as a Sales Manager for a Branding & Communications Agency in Doha, Qatar even though I graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Human Resources in Hospitality Management from the Leading Hotel School in Switzerland, Glion. My career so far has been very diverse and if I had to look back on my education, it is American School that holds the closest memories to my heart.

    Jeneba Sanyang

    I’m a former student who went there for about 9 years. I have grown into mature women, and have experienced many cultural and educational experienced due to BAES. From kindergarten all the way up to middle school. The experience has been a great one, the teacher at BAES are loving and caring, they just want the best for you. Growing up in our BAES community has helped me adjust and enable me to build a stable understanding of life. The educational and interactive activities have left me with many enjoyable memories to take with me along my future. Transitioning into high school was pretty smooth for me, i can thank BAES for that. The educational foundation BAES offers will enable any child a good understanding and experience in school. From this experience i have made many friends and the success i had there has carried on. I now attend Georgia Perimeter College and majoring in Social work. A big thank to BAES!

    Amberley Rainey

    BAES – a place that will always have a special place in my heart....

    I was at BAES for five years between the ages of 4-9. I feel BAES stood me in good stead for future life, mainly because I attended the school during the key learning and development stages of a child’s life. I not only learnt core skills required to read, count and tell the time but I was also taught good manners, discipline and morals.
    While I was at BAES the education system varied but always encouraged children to be naturally confident in the classroom thus allowing us to translate this into everyday life; this is a skill I have carried with me throughout my education and now my career. At 28 I am currently working for a global magazine publishers in London as Assistant to the Publishing Director. Before this I worked for a National Charity as an Events Coordinator and Assistant to the CEO, and prior to this I worked as a Senior Merchandiser in a Retail Head Office. I truly believe that I would not have got where I am today without those key life skills I learnt as a child at BAES.

    Kareem Hosn

    Well I can say that BAES felt a lot friendlier than my school here like since it was smaller the teachers could focus more on any problems! And like I guess it did give me a good foundation since I got into an advanced/accelerated program here...

    Charlotte Milligan

    I feel extremely privileged to have been a student at BAES. My education there laid the foundations for further academic achievements, and sparked interests which have continued to grow since. It was at BAES that my passion for studying American history began, and this interest has stayed with me ever since, as I am now in my final year of an undergraduate degree in History, Literature and Cultures of the Americas at the University of Warwick.
    As important as the academic development BAES provided was, in my opinion the friendly environment of the school and the pastoral nurturing given by the wonderful teachers equipped the students with other skills that are just as, if not more, important. Students at BAES were encouraged to develop confidence, extra-curricular passions in the arts and sports, and were always taught to believe that they could achieve anything they set their minds to. The school constantly had a friendly and caring atmosphere which not only made the students feel comfortable and happy enough to achieve their potential, but also created life-long friendships not only amongst students but also between students and their teachers. I will always cherish the eight years I spent there, and consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to become a part of the BAES family.

    Amna Rashid

    BAES is an amazing school in which I had great experiences. This was such a free school which allowed me to express my views and ideas. The environment was very friendly that it was not hard to fit in. BAES planned marvelous events and I can say that the teachers fully prepared me to get into a good school. Leaving BAES was very sad but I knew I had to say goodbye sometime.
    I got into a good school and I just had my midyear examinations recently and my overall grade was an A, which is pretty good.

    Rachel Doherty

    I started at BAES when I was 7 years old and have extremely happy memories of my 4 years there. The school's ethos and attitude, both within the curriculum and on a personal level was second to none and I feel it truly set me up for later life. I believe that my outlook on life and my people skills all come down to the support and teaching we received there. It was extremely difficult to leave the school community, as it served not only as a place for education, but an extended family. My family and I moved back to Britain, where I completed secondary school and I am now studying at the London School of Economics.

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