BAES Students

    BAES students come from more than 16 different nations and all six continents. Our classrooms are colorful and diverse groups of students working together in great harmony and appreciation of each other cultures. Instruction is differentiated and there is much opportunity for individual attention from teachers.

    Beyond activities in the classrooms, students at BAES are busily involved in many after school activities including sports, drama, arts and crafts clubs, yearbook, to name a few.

    BAES students are very welcoming, and a new student coming into a class is always a welcome addition. A student that was at BAES said “I look back at my time at BAES with great joy I made some very close friends which I still keep in touch with now. Best thing about BAES in my opinion was how diverse it was in terms of people and studies..” This is the climate BAES students enjoy. At BAES they feel safe, happy and cared for.

    Included in our photos gallery are some snapshots of students at work and play. These will be updated regularly as more activities and school events take place.

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