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    BAIS Students -Disney's Jungle Book Kids PerformanceWell Done BAIS! A great performance of Disney's 'The Jungle Book' Musical by our talented BAIS students!!

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                  Getting from Point A to Point B
    Measures of Academic Success (MAP) May 13 - 24th

    BAES students in Grades K-9 complete the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests from May 13th.-24th. The MAP test is administered twice annually - in the fall and spring. Its’ primary purpose is to determine a student’s “instructional level” in the areas tested (Reading, Language Usage, Math, and Science) in order to inform instruction. Specifically, scores can be used to understand a child’s areas of academic strength and areas requiring attention for further academic improvement and growth. MAP tests are taken on computers and are unique in that they adapt to the child’s level of learning.. MAP is important because it keeps track of your child’s individual learning progress and growth and, by using the MAP scores and with the assistance of teachers, your child can set appropriate learning goals from test to test. Both parents and teachers can gain an understanding of each child’s academic strengths as well as areas that require additional attention for growth. Your child’s testing report is designed to provide you with an overall picture of your child’s performance in the areas assessed. As your child continues through BAES, the MAP reports will show learning growth over time. This is a motivating and informative way to monitor academic progress!

    For more information on resources for parents, download the Parent Toolkit at > Partner Support.

    Help us help your child get from Point A to Point B by ensuring that during testing time your child is well-rested, eating appropriately, and has a proper understanding of the testing process.

    Writing Assessment

         Writing Tests: This week we will have our final writing test of the year. May 9/10 students
    will work on their narrative pieces and May 11/12 on their expository pieces.

    Latestwelcome News

    First Term: Sep. 1 - Nov. 25

    Literature Week

    Literature Week@BAESThis week, February 25th through March 1st is Literature Week at BAES.  The theme for this year’s Literature Week is Ocean Life and Sea Creatures. During the week, students will be reading, and be read to, different stories about sea life.

    Spring Break


    ‘Spooktacular’ Fun at BAES

    Halloween Fun was had by all last Friday! Organized by the PTO, the school community event featured a costume parade, an array of fun games (what’s Halloween without bobbing for apples?), music, food galore, and last, but surely not least, the infamous ‘spooktacular’ haunted house. Thanks to the PTO for organizing this massive successful event.

    International Week

    Celebrating our Diversity continent at a time
    International Week at BAES

    Colorful, exciting, entertaining, delicious,…those are just some of the adjectives used to describe this past week on the BAES campus. This past week was designated International Week at BAES, and what a week it was! For Five days, the students and staff of BAES reached out across continents and oceans taking part in different activities, while absorbing basic sensibilities about the wondrous traditions and cultures of their own and others. The week began celebrating the Americas, followed by Asia and Australia on Tuesday, Europe on Wednesday, and Finally Africa on Thursday. Throughout the week anyone coming on campus witnessed a veritable parade of nations as students and staff alike wore their national dress with pride. With many of the 17 different national Flags of countries where our students originate draped somewhere on campus, we celebrated the amazing and wonderful diversity that exists here at BAES.  Dances, storytelling, songs, craft making, music, sports, and...last but surely not least, the sampling of fantastic foods from all over the world which was shared on Friday when the week’s festivities culminated with a community festival and luncheon with many parents joining in the celebration. Whether it was the Riz Gras from Africa, the colorful cupcakes from USA, the Biriyani Rice from India, or the delicious middle eastern fare from Lebanon,...everyone enjoyed the samplings of the outstanding food.

    Our thanks go out to all of the parents who kindly donated plates of food.

BAIS Students -Disney's Jungle Book Kids PerformanceWell Done BAIS! A great performance of Disney's 'The Jungle Book' Musical by our talented BAIS students!!